Why You Should Hire A Professional Maid Service

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February 26, 2018
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April 11, 2018

Why You Should Hire A Professional Maid Service

The balance of work, life, home, and family are always precarious and ever-changing. It would be nice if something was always just taken care of.

Like maybe your housekeeping?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have confidence that this kind of chore is always taken care of and you can come home to a freshly cleaned space that instantly reduces stress because you don’t have to do it all yourself? Hiring a maid service is an invaluable tool for time management, your domestic life, and your overall happiness!

The home cleaning workload is never done. Every flat surface of your home seems to accumulate clutter that must be cleared every day before it gets overwhelming. Meals for yourself or a family must be prepped, served, and cleaned up after. Laundry sorting, washing, folding, and putting away is a never-ending chore too. How does anyone wear so many things in such little time?

So it’s almost unbelievable when we actually find time to do the dusting and deep cleaning in every room of our homes. A maid service is just the break you need to get to the hard stuff you just don’t have time or energy for.

Nothing compares to coming home from a long day to a house that’s been deep cleaned and smells fresh… except for one that was cleaned by a professional cleaning service for you, of course!

Using some of the best cleaning products and equipment that you may not have available to you, a professional housekeeping service like ours can get your home sparkling clean. We bring our own tools and products! No sweat. Our supplies, equipment, and materials are kept consistent among our teams. We use only the best Oreck vacuums and min-vacuums. Our floor cleaning solution, degreasers, and tile cleaner are brought with us to use on your home so you don’t have to worry about supplies. We also bring 20 clean rags into every house and work through the house as we change them out.

If you want or need to slow down and enjoy life more without hassle, our professional maids will clean your home, every week, every other week, or even just once a month, and take the burden off of you. We have just the service you need, on your schedule and budget. Check us out at The Tidy Maids, Raleigh House Cleaning & Maid Service. Visit our website or call us for a free estimate for your home.

So, What’s Included in Your Professional Cleaning Service?

That depends on exactly what you want and how often, but we will get your home clean! We have great employees who consistently deliver good results. We typically work in teams of two, and all are trained on the processes and standards of delivering our professional house cleaning services.

Beginning from one end of your home to the other, we work from the back of the house toward the exit, essentially cleaning our way out of the house. Carpets are vacuumed, and hard surface floors washed. You can eat off the floors afterward, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

Need more? Every picture frame, knickknack and baseboard throughout your home is cleared of dust and cobwebs. No speck of grime is left behind. The same goes for your ceiling fans, air vents, window sills, and door frames. Glass doors and mirrors are cleaned with non-ammonia cleanser and lint-free rags. We even clean the germy light switches that are so often forgotten.

In the bedrooms, all beds are made with fresh linen so you have one less chore, just leave a fresh set on the corner of the bed. We’ll move your old linens to your laundry room or hamper as requested. There’s nothing sweeter than slipping into clean sheets after a long day at work or play.

We won’t forget your living room, dining, room, hallways, and stairs. Your kitchen is made spotless and hygienic, and your bathroom too!

Moving from left to right around the kitchen while we wash, scrub, and sanitize kitchen surfaces, including backsplashes, we actually move things and clean under them instead of just cleaning around them. We get that sink super clean with shining chrome! The exterior of all appliances is washed and kitchen furniture and outside of cabinets are clean and dusted. The microwave is cleaned inside and out because no one has time for that, but everyone needs it!

All surfaces of your kitchen including countertops, tables, and sinks are scrubbed and sanitized to our high standards. Special services can be arranged to include wiping out cabinets and drawers, cleaning inside windows (up to 6’ high), inside the refrigerator, and inside the oven. We use stainless steel cleaner and glass-top stove cleaner when needed.

Moving on to the bathroom, everything is made perfectly clean, including showers, bathtubs, vanities, sinks, and toilets. We use lint-free rags and non-ammonia cleaner on mirrors and glass, and finish with a special floor cleaner to clean ourselves out of the room. A chemical treatment for mold and mildew is used too.

Room to room, all trash cans are emptied as we go along and by the end of the cleaning service, air freshener and odor neutralizer are used as needed. All of this at once makes for a complete deep clean of your home from top to bottom, quickly and efficiently. The Team Leader will then finish with an inspection to ensure the home has been cleaned to the highest standards and that the work order and any special instructions are fulfilled.

Check out our picture gallery and cleaning task list at https://www.thetidymaids.com/residential-cleaning-services/ to read and see more of what we can do for you.


What Do You Have to Lose?

We are licensed, bonded, and insured (including worker’s compensation), and guarantee our work. We are a local company providing residential cleaning throughout most of Wake County including Raleigh, Wake Forest, Knightdale, Garner, Cary. Our cleaners are background checked and fully trained to clean your home professionally and we have a unique process to get lasting results. Plus, we value both our new and long-term customers, so we happily run seasonal Raleigh cleaning specials.

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