What is the Task List for Our Cleaning Crew?

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June 10, 2015
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What is the Task List for Our Cleaning Crew?

house cleaning checklist

house cleaning checklist

It is important to have a task list to streamline staff work and customer expectations.

If the strategy is to provide a solid, all-inclusive clean for a customer, the tactics to achieve the strategy are to put across the importance of following a task list.

This is The Tidy Maids task list for cleaning a house:


Kitchen and Dining Areas:

Outside of range hoods, drip pans, glass top stoves cleaned, door, door frames dusted, light switches cleaned, fronts of appliances cleaned and shined, knick-knack areas cleaned, light switches cleaned, fronts of all cabinets hand wiped, baseboards dusted and spot checked, window sills hand wiped, blinds dusted, cobwebs removed, floors vacuumed and hand washed, rugs/carpets vacuumed, all furniture handwiped/dusted, countertops cleaned, sinks cleaned and chrome shined, microwave cleaned inside and out, general dusting. For an additional charge, we will also clean oven, refrigerator, and inside of cabinets.


Tile walls, tubs, showers cleaned, shower doors cleaned, vanity and sink cleaned, mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned and shined, floor vacuumed and hand washed, carpets vacuumed, toilets thoroughly cleaned inside and out, window sills and blinds dusted, cobwebs removed, doors/doorframes hand wiped, fronts of cabinets cleaned, baseboards dusted and handwiped, general dusting, chemical treatment for mold and mildew, light switches cleaned.

Bedrooms/Living areas:

Feather dust all knick-knacks, hand wipe all flat surfaces, doors and frames dusted, picture frames dusted, ceiling fans, ceiling corners, and air vents dusted, window sills and blinds dusted, wood floors vacuumed and hand-schmopped, stairs vacuumed, empty closet floors vacuumed, all readily-accessible floors vacuumed, baseboards dusted and spot checked, furniture vacuumed upon request, accessible areas under furniture vacuumed/damp mopped, general dusting, glass doors and mirrors cleaned. Bed linens changed if clean set left on bed (old linens moved to laundry room).

Trash collected throughout the house and discarded.

So, you have a list. That’s good.

The next step is integrate a list into your company’s mindset. First, new staff must be trained on the list – by the Manager as well as the training Team Leader. Then, it must be reviewed periodically, both on an individual and group level. Finally, if any exceptions occur in the cleaning process and a complaint surfaces, it must be re-trained and emphasized (for example, if the light switches were not cleaned, this must be clarified to whomever missed it, and the Team Leader (who is ultimately responsible for the clean).


We’re not a cutting-edge software design company who is creating new products or services every day. Rather, we do more or less the same thing over and over again. It may not be romantic, but every company can’t be Microsoft or Twitter. Most of us are organized around the theme of emplacing a consistent process onto a problem (eg: cleaning a house), and doing it well time after time. By having a list, and a process to complete that list, we can stay in business and even grow. By focusing on the list/process and its successful execution, customers are happy, and we can pay our bills (and hopefully be happy too).


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