What A Clean(ed) House Means to Your Family

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June 18, 2015
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What A Clean(ed) House Means to Your Family

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You work hard. Your Spouse works hard. Your kids are scheduled more tightly than a CEO. You haven’t read a book in months, and the treadmill is a clothes rack. Your Mom is dating, and this feels really strange, and she needs you to help qualify candidates based on exhaustive debriefings on the latest date.

Oh, and the house is a mess and it seems like you just cleaned it last weekend.


It would be nice if your husband put down the Gameboy and vacuumed once in a while. Let’s face it, it’s not going to happen, not without a mini-tantrum, and you’re limiting yourself to one a month. What happened to that poster where the kids would get gold stars and a small allowance for cleaning a room and taking out the trash once a week? They have certainly been dutifully collecting their allowance every Friday, yet you can’t see the floor in little Billy’s room, and moreover there is a peanut butter sandwich and a dead bullfrog in his closet.

A recent Time Magazine cover story was “What Happened to the American Vacation.” Not only are we getting away less, but week to week there are more things to do than time available to do them. No wonder vacations days are left unused. We’re too busy to live the parts of life we most value.

So, if you could take 5 hours of cleaning every two weeks and delegate that to a trustworthy cleaning service, it may be possible to regain your life. OK, that is a little heavy. But, the hours of cleaning can transform into hours of exercise, meditation, spending quality time with your children, and watching episodes of the Real Housewives of New York. No, you don’t advertise that you watch the show, and it is embarrassing on multiple levels, but sometimes you just want to escape into CheeseLand, and there is nothing wrong with that! Besides, breaking down the latest cat fight can come in handy when you’re on the phone with Mom, and are getting tired of hearing about the new beau, Mort, and whether he has hair plugs and how he smells like her cousin.

Back to your reincarnation, less cleaning toilets and sponging basins. More self-actualization and tightened abs. Less dusting picture frames and baseboards. More wonderful life moments where you connect with your child’s soul. Less cleaning your wood floors. More bird watching. Less vacuuming. More movies followed by overpriced coffee. Less scrubbing. More books.


Once you have made the leap and decided to hire a cleaning service and rejuvenate your life’s dreams and plans, here is what you should do:

  • Talk to 2-3 services and get a feel from the person representing the company:
    • Ensure that they have insurance coverage including a bond, general liability, and, importantly, workers compensation coverage. These will protect you;
    • How they go about cleaning your house;
    • How do they maintain quality;
    • If they can handle any special instructions you have;
    • Are the employees background checked? Do they receive W-2s? Are fica taxes withheld?;
    • Do they require contracts? (They shouldn’t);
  • Have them visit your home if you’re considering ongoing coverage;
  • Collect quotes and information they leave behind, or have sent.

With this information, you can analyze, and make a smart decision. Call the best one for you and schedule your first clean. There are many good services out there, and they can give you more time to lead the life you want to live.


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