The Day This Family Hired a Maid Service

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August 24, 2015
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August 24, 2015

The Day This Family Hired a Maid Service

The Day This Family Hired a Maid Service

The Day This Family Hired a Maid Service

The stars aligned, and the wonders of life became this family’s reality after they hired a local maid service.

Mother finally had the time to get into shape, losing 22 lbs. She has rediscovered her passion for Shakespeare, and finally won the State Fair Grand Prize for domestic Squash plant (shape and color). At work, she successfully installed a new enterprise system. Her skin has cleared and her blood pressure is now just “high-average.” The time she used to spend cleaning has been channeled toward self-actualization.

Father has mastered French cooking, and has finished an outline of our family tree back to 200 C.E. He used his Father of the Year trophy to ward off a mugger at the Peace Fest. He did have a bad bout with head lice he caught at the gym, but powered through the treatments, and is considering keeping his head shaved. His guilt of reading the sports news and making incessant fantasy trades is less because the floors are recently vacuumed (his one job during the old regime). He checks it off as a completed task. He notices that the cleaning crew dusted the baseboards too. Happy Birthday!

Billy has developed and sold an app which takes a picture of mucous and displays the air quality experienced for the 3 days preceding the picture, and also has become Treasurer for Junior MENSA of Raleigh. On the domestic side, he has stopped digging holes in the yard, and learned to make a sandwich by himself.

Evelyn has changed her name to Roz, but otherwise is about the same. She enjoys the continually clean house and her allergies are marginally better.

Every other Thursday, the family comes home to a professionally cleaned house, and have hyper-evolved since this dynamic began.


Is this a coincidence? We’re not completely sure.


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