Laura M

Miranda D.
February 3, 2016
Domonique Sells
June 15, 2016

Laura M

I’ve once again come home to a squeaky clean house and boy, does it feel wonderful! I was hesitant to hire The Tidy Maids after a string of disappointments with other cleaning services. When I first spoke with Tidy Maids, I let them know that I had a few additional requests (simple but, so many kept forgetting), they agreed without even hesitating. The crew is always very pleasant to have around and I trust them in my home alone.

Beverly has been wonderful.  She’s been responsive and communicative. She’s even added a few more requests to my file (i.e. keep this door closed, keep this one open, use my bona mop, don’t use chemicals on the induction stove, etc.) and I only had to tell her once. This sounds simple but, so many times I had to keep reminding previous crews because they always sent a new person and the message wasn’t conveyed.

– They do a great job and go above and beyond for the little things (i.e. moving light items to vacuum under, fluffing the kleenex, folding the tp)
– Great price
– Wonderful Customer Service
– Trustworthy
– Pleasant attitudes

– If you find one, tell them, I bet they fix it!