Superwoman has hired The Tidy Maids of Raleigh, NC to clean her home every other Thursday

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Superwoman has hired The Tidy Maids of Raleigh, NC to clean her home every other Thursday

SuperWoman House Cleaning

Superwoman indicated that life has become very busy while raising two kids, along with a full-time job of saving the world from harm.

“Putting meals on the table, going to Susie’s field hockey games, helping Brad with his middle school math homework, being a good wife, and overseeing maintenance on my invisible plane takes too many hours in a week,” exclaimed Superwoman, who was on the way to her contractually-obligated Pilates class inside the beltline.

Reports indicate she has signed up for service every other Thursday with an arrival time of 10-12 in the morning.  Her 2,200 square feet home in North Raleigh should take about 2 ½ hours for a two-person team to clean, after the first clean, which should take a little longer, according to the Manager of The Tidy Maids.  ”We want her to be able to focus on more important things, like cooking good dinners for her family, and ensuring our power grid doesn’t fall into the hands of a terrorist organization,” stated a senior Tidy Maids official.


As Superwoman shared, “I have felt like I’m pulled in too many directions to get everything done as well as I want to do it.

So, I thought it was worth spending my time on more important things and let home cleaning experts handle what they do best, which is dusting, cleaning bathrooms, getting carpets and floors looking great, and basically taking this very labor intensive task off my hands.  I can see the gleam of my golden power belt buckle in the kitchen floor, and this brings a smile to my lips and an intense comfort to me.

Sometimes it comes down to either dismantling an international crime syndicate before picking up Brad from Karate practice, or else spend that time getting the dust off my ceiling fans and curtains, and then scrubbing our kitchen and pantry floors.  The tradeoff is fairly obvious.”

Relocating to Raleigh from New York a few years ago, Superwoman likes the pace in Raleigh, along with the mix of people, and it’s deserved reputation as a technology hub.  She traded in her 4th floor walk-up in Queens for a 4 BR, 2 ½ bath house near North Hills.  “The schools are great, and I can easily meet with my technology team in the Research Triangle over coffee, discussing a disposable laser shield they are developing, or some sensor-enhanced clothing they’re troubleshooting in the lab,” reasoned Superwoman.

“Plus, Umstead Park has a lot of great trails for a quick run and it is right in the middle of everything.  Plus, no one ever recognizes me.”

House cleaning is something she can effectively outsource to give her more time for that run, or to complete some errands along Glenwood Avenue, or to manually restring her golden lasso.  “It’s my life, and I’m taking charge,” she said boldly while nodding an intense emotional harmony.

“The Tidy Maids lets me be the best Superwoman I can be.”

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