Practical Summer Cleaning Tips

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April 28, 2018
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Practical Summer Cleaning Tips

Summer Clenaing TIps

While there are always tons of spring cleaning tips and articles online (including our infographic), we like to put a few more ideas out there just that focus on the summer months in case you haven’t seen them before.

There can never be enough in our opinion! As Spring draws to a close and we enter the summer season, your cleaning duties should not take a back seat ? We understand that it is not the priority for most of us when summer arrives.  What’s not to love? Beautiful weather, open windows bringing in the fresh warm air, and a renewed motivation to clean all the nooks and crannies around your home.

So, have fun and clean to your heart’s content. Here are some more things to keep in mind when cleaning your home:

Look for Things You Don’t Regularly Clean

Are there things you ignore or that are hidden but should be cleaned annually at the very least? You might see them often and think, “Someday I’ll clean that” or it might be an area that your eyes never rest on but that builds up dust bunnies and grime.

For instance, go room to room and check all sliding glass door and window tracks. You can come at them with a variety of tools until you find what works. Vacuum hoses to suck up debris, compressed air cans to blow debris out of crevices, wet wipes, dusters, toothbrushes, Q-Tips, or whatever else you need.

The toothbrush is a great idea! Use it dry to scrub at the stuck-on grime and release it, then use the vacuum to suck it up, or wipe it away, or blow it away with the can of compressed air. What you couldn’t quite get to, sometimes the Q-Tips will be able to reach.

Bonus Tip: While you’re at each door and window, check the screens for small holes that need patching, and check around the sills and trim to see if there are any tiny open spaces that need sealing from weather and bugs.

Next, check out all your large pieces of furniture for damage that needs repair or for stains or fabric dullness that a good cleaning can address. Pull them away from the wall and inspect the backs and sides, and while you’ve got them moved, completely clean and dust the walls and baseboards they were set against. Call in the cleaner if you don’t have (or want to rent) a steam cleaner to clean upholstered furniture yourself. You won’t regret it!

Check leather couches and chairs for tears and cleaning needs. You might love the look of your old leather furniture once it’s cleaned and polished! This can take some time to accomplish, but it’s well worth it for a year of beauty! And you can spend your money on something else instead of new furniture by falling in love again with the old.

Roll up your area rugs and runners and vacuum underneath. A good steam cleaning is called for once a year, even for these areas! Especially if you have a warranty for your carpeting that needs to be kept up on your end, so it’s not voided by neglect should you ever need to call it in.


Kitchen Duty

For crusty build up in the dishwasher, surprisingly you won’t need to do much work at all. Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner is designed to penetrate, dissolve & remove odor-causing residue. It will power away lime and mineral build-up that occurs inside your dishwasher, doing all the work for you. These tablets often work much better than bleach or scrubbing with baking soda.

You simply toss one in with your dishes or without for a wash cycle and then check your machine and run one more as needed. Then you can just do this easily monthly and it removed the need to do hard scrubbing. Sometimes you only need to wipe the crevices clean as some grime can get trapped where the door closes.

Bonus Tip: If you’re worried at any time about bacteria, you can use a product on an empty cycle called Dishwasher Magic that is designed to kill bacteria like E. coli. During cold and flu season you can add a quarter-cup of bleach to the regular dish cycle with no worries since the remainder of the bleach will be washed away during the rinse cycle.

The oven will take more work, as you may already know, but spring cleaning is the time to do it! Put your favorite oven cleaner to work and run the self-cleaning function as well. Get going with some elbow grease and really get it all clean for spring.

Then apply our bonus tip: Line the bottom with a reusable nonstick oven liner. It’s generally not that expensive, can be purchased BPA and PFOA Free, and you can cut it to fit your oven. To clean, you just wipe with a paper towel and wash in the dishwasher.

Check out that stinky disposal unit in your sink next. You can use cut up lemon with salt and ice cubes to run in the unit and it will act as an abrasive to clean while deodorizing with the acidic lemon. Bonus tip: There’s a product called Disposer Care that’s a one-pop shot to drop into your disposal during spring cleaning and then as needed year-round.

Now pull the kitchen appliances away from the wall to check for damages, frayed cords, mice nests, or any other safety concerns. While you’re moving things like your oven and refrigerator around, clean the walls behind them and the floors underneath.

This one goes for the kitchen, but also the bathroom too – make that grout shine! Check for any cracks that need fixing before water can seep under your tiles. Then grab a grout cleaner and the right brush, or a bleach pen, and restore the original grout color to your kitchen and bathroom. While you’re at it, you may want to freshen up the caulk around sinks, tubs, and toilets too.

Before you’re done in the kitchen, be sure you’ve cleaned all the window tracks with compressed air, a vacuum, a duster, wet wipes, toothbrush – or whatever will do the trick. Bye bye dead flies and dust, see you again next year!


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