How We Divide and Conquer the Cleaning of Your Home

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How We Divide and Conquer the Cleaning of Your Home

how we clean your house

Everyone needs a plan of attack for servicing a client. Here is how we go about getting your house clean.

how we clean your house

We typically work in teams of two people occasionally there may be a team of three people. When the crew arrives, they first check in with management. When they first arrive to the house, they will set their equipment down and go to the kitchen with their work book to collect payment and document check or credit card information on the work order for their home. Then they will read all the specific notes for the home.

Once they have all the information on the home they will get a trash bag from your kitchen and gather all equipment and head upstairs or the furthest point in your home. The crew is divided between wet and dry work. One person will clean all bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen. The other person will clean, dust and vacuum all other living areas of the home. The person dusting will start by collecting all the trash throughout the home and place it in the outside trash receptacle. They will then go through the upper level of the home and woolie all the high and low areas of the home. This removes dust and cobwebs from baseboards, wall corners, air return vents, ceiling fans, tops of curtains, and anything else just out of reach with their telescopic duster.

When they finish the upper level of wooly-ing, then they will work left to right, top to bottom working their way around each room dusting all furniture, blinds, window sills, doors, door frames, light switches, straighten blankets, pillows, etc. in each room. If there are sheets left out on the bed, they will change the sheets and put the dirty ones in the laundry room.

If no sheets are left on the bed they will make the bed as is. When every room is done they will then vacuum all carpets and rugs. For non-carpeted floors, they will vacuum and damp mop. When the upper level is done, they will work their way down vacuuming the stairs and dusting baseboards down the stairs. They will then repeat the same process to the next level. The person doing the wet work will start in the first floor bathrooms cleaning the same way. They will scrub and sanitize the showers, tubs, toilets, vanities, all doors, door frames, light switches, and any furniture and knick knacks. They dust blinds and window sills, towel rods and toilet paper holders and all items hanging on the walls. They will vacuum or shake out any rugs or carpets and finish up washing the floors and putting all rugs back down. They will repeat this process in all bathrooms.

In the kitchen, they will clean and sanitize all cabinets, counter tops, the front of all appliances, the inside and outside of the microwave, sinks, doors, door frames, light switches. They dust the blinds and window sills and all knick knacks and furniture in these areas. Then, the team will vacuum all carpets, rugs and non-carpeted floors. They will finish up wet washing all non-carpeted floors working their way out of the home.

The crew will leave a note letting the client know when their next clean is scheduled and lock the home on the way out. Setting the alarm if instructed to do so on the work order. They will load up their equipment and clock out with management.



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