How To Fall In Love With Your Home For Valentine’s Day

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How To Fall In Love With Your Home For Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Cleaning Tips

It’s not quite spring cleaning time, and winter is still hanging on. You might have some doldrums or still be in shock from all of the heavy fall and winter holiday prep, festivities and clean-up. But hold on! We have some great ideas for your home for Valentine’s Day to help you feel the love this winter.

Pinterest And Etsy For The Win

Head over to and and search for Valentine’s decorating ideas.

Pinterest will show you things you can do yourself and Etsy will offer you things made by others. Things you didn’t even know you had to have until you set eyes on them. From the very simple to the more involved, you can infuse your home with pink, white, and red decorations you make or buy at the store or on Etsy. Nothing says love as much as literally hanging bright red hearts, vintage Valentines, and more.


Also, eBay is a valuable resource for finding vintage postcards and Valentines that you can buy in bulk or one at a time. You can find and frame the perfect one, or try an art project with Mod Podge. There are some beautiful heart broaches and vintage findings that you can craft with as well. E6000® Permanent Craft Adhesive is perfect for jewelry and postcard crafts to secure everything forever. You can find it at Michaels, eBay, and more. And if it’s too late this year to get these fun ideas shipped and crafted, keep it in mind for next year! There’s no stopping you, and you always want to feel the love.

Early Spring Cleaning

Any kind of cleaning and decluttering to freshen the home and lighten your visual load or emotional burden is a win, any time of the year. Things may be out there right in front of your eyes, or they may be stuffed in drawers, but either way, they can affect your life. For Valentine’s Day, choose a few projects around your home to clean and declutter to help you fall in love with your space again. And do not hesitate to contact us here at The Tidy Maids.  We are a local residential cleaning company serving the entire Triangle area of North Carolina.   We’re happy to help you get your home sparkling clean and love-worthy! That sparkling clean refrigerator, the scrubbed tile and grout, the shampooed rugs, the dazzling clean shower….feel the love!

Check Out Your Front Door

Walk outside and stand back a few feet to survey your front door, then do the same from the inside. This is what welcomes you home each and every day. What you see when you’re coming in from work, bringing groceries home, coming back from any of your travels and errands. This area of your home will have an effect on your emotional state every time you look at it, so it’s key that what you see inside and outside of that door be one that fills you with positive visuals and emotions, not negative ones. Try patching little dings and painting the trim or the door itself. Clean up the porch and landscaping that surrounds the area just outside. Declutter and clean and paint the entrance until you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Now add something wonderfully Valentine’s Day inspired to (or nearby) your door to welcome you home!

Freshen Up With Paint

It doesn’t take much to give a room a new glow and make you feel the warm and fuzzies. Just a small amount of paint and a little paint brush, a drop cloth, and some elbow grease and you can repaint the trim around your floors and doors to make your space feel fresh and lovable again. We promise you can do this! Benjamin Moore White Dove OC 17 is a fabulous paint color that’s fresh and beautiful, but not stark white.  It’s just a bit softer than white and a tiny bit darker with the slightest gray base.

However, if you need help, check out this decorator’s blog post: Colour Review: Benjamin Moore 3 Best Off-White Paint Colours ( The writer makes it easy to learn how to choose the best white or off-white for any surface in your home and tells you what to think about if you want to touch up the trims in a room. Trust us, it’s worth it!


Change Something

Choose new area rugs, a new shower curtain, a different comforter, or put out a vase of flowers in a cant-miss area. Choose something that’s big enough that it is definitely noticeable daily so it will make you feel incredibly different for at least a little while. Scour local thrift shops, online sales sites, or the local shops and find one piece or 10, whatever it is that you need to fall in love again.


If your old items are still very useful and you used to love them, put them safely away in plastic bins in storage. Guaranteed, when you pull them out again in a year, you’ll fall in love all over again and they will make things feel fresh and new, even if they’re oldies (but goodies!). By recycling your old decor goodies every year or two, it’s a great way to save money in the long run while tricking your mind and emotions into thinking you have something new. The key is to buy only the things that you feel very drawn to and not just a “this will do” item.


Bring In The Greens

Check out the best houseplants for not only cleaning and oxygenating the air but for spaces with or without natural light, depending on your need. Fill your home with LIFE. Even if they don’t ever flower, the fact that you nurture life in your home brings warmth and feelings of love into your space. If you feel like you just kill houseplants, really do some looking on Google or Pinterest and take the time to learn about the easiest plants to grow. You can do this, we promise! You and your home are worth it.

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