About Us


The Tidy Maids was founded in Raleigh in 2006, so we’ve been around 13 years!

From the beginning, the focus was on having a local and professional maid service.  The Tidy Maids was licensed, bonded, and insured (including workers compensation), and we guarantee our work.  Customer by customer, we have grown by keeping them happy, one clean at a time.  We wanted to keep the best employees, so we pay higher than minimum wage, have earned vacation days, and let them know we appreciate them with a weekly breakfast.  We also share comments from customers for a continual feedback loop.  Work orders are the bridge between planning and executing the cleaning work.

The happiness of a customer is ultimately based on the crew that walks through the door to clean the house.  So, we train our staff well, give them regular reviews, and create a positive company culture.

It is all about the people.

Beverly handles sales and operations/customer service.  Susan handles marketing, human resources, and other ownership duties.  We stand behind our 20 employees, and hope that you will “get Tidy.”

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